Why I Went Vegan


Hey guys!! I have some rather exciting news. For years I have struggled with one very important decision in my diet. To go vegan or to not go vegan? I have weighed out the pros and cons, both health wise, environment wise, and conscious wise. All my thoughts tend to lead be back to going vegan. This was definetley not an overnight decision. The first time tried to incorporate this lifestyle was about 4 years ago. I watched the documentary Earthlings and my heart broke into a million pieces. I watched the slaughter and torture of what is millions of animals happening everyday in the meat industry. It is truly horrific. I realized I was contributing to the problem, and could not stand to keep living in the dark. At this time, I lasted only 2-3 weeks before I broke and ate some eggs. I was not as well informed about health and the food choices I have today, and also continued eating bread and vegan processed foods. I didn’t feel too good, but at this time I had not known I was an undiagnosed Celiac. I swapped meat and eggs for bread and past and other vegan foods that still contained gluten, so I was constantly unwell.

Last year I did a week “detox cleanse” on a high carb low fat raw vegan diet. This means mostly just fruit and vegetables and a very small amount of nuts and fats. I felt amazing!! I got my blood tested the week I did this and was nervous my levels were going to be all over the place. Surprisingly, when the results came in my doctor said I look healthy as can be and that all my blood levels seem to have normalized. Let me tell you I was always low in vitamins!! Even B12…but it was suddenly normal? Hmmm. I had ate quite a bit of meat the week before so maybe that was why they were normal, but all my life I was significantly low in B12..even was accused of being a vegan when I was eating meat everyday by my doctor, saying I needed to eat more meat! Something seemed strangely wrong about this to me. Mind you, gluten was also non existent this week, so maybe my body started to absorb more than it ever had? Just maybe. I watched a good youtube channel before by a man named Dr. Robert Moresend. He is a Vegan and he speaks a lot about the lympathic system. Fruit moves your lympth and is pretty much the flow of energy throughout our entire body. Someone wrote into him once asking about where he gets B12 and he responded that his body is so optimally healthy he creates his own B12. I knew that your good bacteria helps you to create B vitamins, so maybe when you are feeding your good gut bacteria with nourishing foods, they will produce all the B vitamins themselves. It makes sense, we get our B12 from animals who get all their nourishment from grass. Farm raised animals actually don’t even eat grass, they eat GMO grains. Meaning most people who don’t buy grass fed meat are really not eating the most healthy animals to begin with. I mean is that not strange that I was finally at normal levels after years of apparently starving myself? I will post an update when I have been vegan for 6 months and get my blood levels checked to see if B12 drastically drops. This was super exciting to me though! I seriously had so much energy that week and felt great! But returned to what others deemed “normal eating” as I kept losing weight. I am already skinny so it was hard to see my weight drop. But this was also a cleanse, I was eating just fruits and veggies and probably not enough calories at all. This time around I will be eating things like rice, potatoes and beans.

This time around what made me really really consider going full vegan was that I was just not feeling better after doing everything I thought I was suppose to do. Only a while back I found out I had celiac disease. I thought okay I found the answer! Just go gluten free and you will miraculously be healthy! Wrong. Still had horrible intestinal pain, moodiness and just not feeling right. Don’t get me wrong I felt much better than I used to, but still something was off. I read lots of things online saying to give it time, maybe give up grains and let your body heal. Okay, so I ate no grains at all no rice no potatoes no beans. I followed a very “Paleo” Diet. I found though, that I was eating meat or eggs with most meals. I had to eat something right? Mostly Eggs and veggies and Meat and veggies. Small amounts of fruit and nuts. Well, this didn’t seem to be working either. Some days my intestines would have the worst stabbing pains that I just didn’t want to leave the house. I thought it was possibly something much worse, maybe even cancer. The first 2 weeks I went Paleo I decided to not eat any fruit. You know, so I wouldnt feed the yeast in my body, more like a Candida Diet. I started feeling sluggish and had a painful lympth node swell under my chin. I would touch it and it would really hurt! I was so scared about what this painful lump could be. Something told me to go eat 2 tangerines. So I did, and went to bed shortly after. The next day, the painful lump was gone!! The swollen lymph node had seemed to drain and begin moving. I couldn’t believe it! Fruit really does move your lymphatic system I thought. True life force food, god given food, and I had been avoiding it?

Okay so I go on a more traditional paleo diet and this time I’m eating fruit on it. Well from many years of experience with different diets, I knew fruit and meat don’t work so well together. Fruit hits your system quick and can leave your stomach in about 20 minutes. Meat on the other hand can sometimes take 6 hours!! So if you eat fruit after a meat meal, the fruit can cause fermentation as it runs into the meat that is not moving. I constantly noticed this pain when I would combine both into my diet. I remember thinking one day what would I rather give up, meat or fruit? The answer was obvious to me, I would rather give up meat!! I LOVE fruit! I started researching more about food combing and meat digestion in general. I followed many vegans on youtube and instagram and suddenly realized this lifestyle has been shouting at me for years. In my heart I knew it wasn’t right to eat these innocent animals, and the more I watched the truths of the meat industry I couldn’t deny it. My body itself couldn’t deny the effects of my meat consumption. My mind, body and soul were all pointing me to veganism, and I don’t like to ignore my gut(hehe) as it always knows what is right deep down! This was it, i’m going vegan and there is no turning back! I posted to my instagram that I would do a 2 weeks challenge to see how my health improved, but even as I wrote it I knew it was a 2 week challenge, it was a fulltime permanent lifestyle change. I was no longer going to ignore my heart and my body.

So this journey has just begun for me, and I am extremely excited to reach out to both the Celiac and Vegan Communities! I hope I can help any other Celiacs who are still very sick and unsure why. Maybe vegan is the answer for you too. And to all the vegans out there, thank you for spreading your message and being such beautiful people! The world needs more people like you!

Sara Kay