The official definition of Parasite: An organism that lives in or on another organism(it’s host) and benefits by deriving nutrients at the host’s expense.

Can humans be infected with parasites? Yes. Most of us are. We play host in this circumstance to both good bugs and bad bugs(parasites/pathogens)

It is often thought that parasites are only a third world problem, but that is simply not the case. Over 90 percent of people living in western society are infected with parasites and have no idea! They are more common than you might have imagined. Parasites get brought over through travel and food shipping and handling. Poor countries fight many serious diseases because of parasites and millions are infected with some pretty serious ones. Every year many people die from parasites. Animals and plants also become host to these critters.

Parasites are everywhere. Some can live harmlessly in your body for years without causing much trouble, but eventually as they grow(yuck) and steal all your nutrients, they will hatch eggs and pretty much use your body as their new breeding grounds.

It really grosses me out when I think of a large number of bugs pretty much colonizing and taking over an area of your body. They love the intestines as this is a good place for them to dine, but they travel all around the body. Many times the hidden reasons for random migraines are parasites travelling to your brain. They can be in your stomach, and then move to your liver, or your lungs and just really make a home out of your body.

Now our bodies really are just a home for bacteria. We are host to trillions of bacteria that live in our gut but this is different than a parasite or pathogen. These gut bacteria are good bugs and are what I like to call the hallmarks of our immune system. We can become depleted of our good bugs from antibiotic use, stress and the SAD diet. It is easy to see why suddenly parasites pose a problem. Our immune systems are not up to par. Even then, we are also kept in the dark about parasites and I believe that is being done on purpose. That is another topic to discuss but other countries routinely deworm themselves. It is actually a very common thing outside western society to do parasite cleanses every 6 months. Maybe if we all had known to regularly do this, we would not be such a sick society. But there are many reasons why we are sick in the West but that will have to be another article. But parasites are a big part of the problem and you will feel much better when you get the buggers out!

Different types of Parasites

Generally, parasites get grouped into these classifications:

Protozoa: intestinal parasites
Nematodes: roundworms
Cestodes: tapeworms
Trematodes: flukes
Arthropods – insects -lice, tongueworms, mites etc

There are many different parasites out there. Click here for an extensive list of different parasites and where the are contracted and how they are each detected.

Parasites get into your body from contaminated food or water, contact with feces and are actually not really even avoidable. There are certain things we should do to help minimize infection though such as always washing your hands after using the washroom and before preparing food. It is quite normal for a parasite to cycle through our bodies and then naturally be eliminated but sometimes a parasite can take advantage of a weakened immune system that is not strong enough to fight the invader. If you suffer from chronic yeast problems, you may in fact be dealing with a parasite and the yeast(candida) is only there because of the bug. Yeast is suppose to be in our bodies. But it can get out of control when you are hosting a parasite.

Signs You May Have a Parasite(s)

Sometimes, parasites can live in the human body without there being many symptoms, which is why it is good to cleanse anyways. They usually do eventually accompany problems though. Parasites lay eggs that hatch and all of a sudden you could have an infestation of parasites and really have no idea. Some of the common symptoms of a parasite infection include:

Sleep Disruptions (insomnia, waking up at odd times, grinding teeth at night)

Stomach Issues (Diarrhea, constipation, gas, cramping, inflammation, bloating, also can attack liver and bile ducts causing malfunction in the digestive tract)

Malabsorption (Problems with malabsorption occur as parasites are surviving off your nutrient supply thus making you starving no matter how much you eat, suddenly foods are harder to digest and one has many food intolerances)

Body Pains (random pains in muscles and joints as parasites move around body, headaches, back problems etc)

Sexual Dysfunction


Either weight gain or loss

Chronic Fatigue

Menstrual Cycle Problems

Mental health problems (many serious mental health problems are caused by parasites even such as depression and schizophrenia)

As you can see, many many problems. These can all be signs of a different issue as well but they are all also symptoms of parasites.

Okay so now that you know about parasites the most important question is



So there are actually many different herbs that are good at killing and damaging the parasite but there are 3 that are historically and successfully amazing at getting rid of parasites for good. Dr. Hulda Clark

These herbs are:




You can buy different parasite cleanses that have different herbs in them but these 3 are the most powerful. If you buy them separately though and follow a schedule for 18 days (as well as maintenance) than you will have a greater chance at killing them as when they are separated they are available in higher concentrations. For instance my bottle of cloves is 500mg per pill whereas I believe in a parasite cleanse I did once it was only 50mg or 75mg. These herbal formulas do work too though, my first cleanse I used a product called PARA RID and it definitely worked.

After that first cleanse the rest were a breeze. I say this because the first time I did it instinctively knowing I had parasites after my celiac diagnosis (yeast and parasites are more common in auto-immune disorders!) it was rough.

On the 4th day it was like I could feel things in my intestines moving around and causing the worst intestinal pains. I believe they were trying to hold onto my intestinal wall as the herbs were killing them.

On day 8 I expelled what looked like a huge tumbleweed! I read that it was a parasite nest. I know, gross. But I have felt much better since and then I followed with the 3 strongest herbs separately and followed a second cleanse. I did this about 2 months later. Once you have finished this cleanse you should stay on a maintenance dose forever as to avoid reinfection. Family members should also be treated.