My Celiac Story


My celiac story

So, I was officially diagnosed with celiac disease in January of 2016. I don’t know exactly when it began, but I can match certain events to the worst symptoms I experienced. Basically, I’ve been sick and stressed my whole life and always brushed things off as im “just sensitive”. My mind was sensitive, my body sensitive, and it seemed like I just didn’t have the same grip on my emotions like others did. During stressful events I would get the most sick and I would often fall into states of depression and not know why. I was never good at dealing with stress yet always seemed to find it. But that’s how It works right, we stress ourselves out more than anything.

Anyways, let’s say I always had celiac. Then it makes sense why I was an asthmatic child who seemed to be allergic to everything but we could never quite pinpoint it. I used detergents for sensitive skin, non scented goats milk soap, head an shoulders shampoo and stayed far away from chemicals. My skin would just do weird stuff sometimes and I always had a rash somewhere. I used to think I was allergic to oxygen. As I got older though I took more and more of an interest in health. I always loved fitness and Working out but never had the proper energy. I used to run in gym class with my puffer in my hand and as torturous as it was I would go home and run by myself at night outside. I thought I hated it, but I think I enjoyed challenging myself. Things haven’t changed much, still enjoy a good challenge! But back to the story, how did I figure it out. Well after high school life got even more stressful, at home, at work, personal things I was dealing with and not knowing what I wanted for my life with the constant pressure from everyone around me. I went to college 3 times, yes 3. I dropped out twice and finished the third time I went. I have a diploma in Community and Justice Studies. But I’ll probably never use it as I realized I didn’t want to work in that field I just wanted to work in health and fitness, but had seemingly been talked out of it by family. The first course I looked at for college, was Fitness and Health Promotion. I went over the course for weeks and knew it was what I wanted to take. Of course though, at this time in my life, I didn’t listen to my own inner voice as much as I did others, and was swiftly talked out of it. Always listen to your gut! Ah your gut, right, literally listen to your gut because mine started talking some weird language daily. Lol, yes I mean the stomach pains associated with celiac. I honestly think tummy aches were so normal to me, I didn’t think much was wrong. Just that I was sensitive like I seemed to be for everything. I went to the doctors multiple times for my problems and he always prescribed me some antibiotic or pill. Oh how I hate the pills!! Unless it a herb I don’t want it! I had recurring yeast infections every single month for what seemed like forever and my doctor would just shove a monostat or difflucan prescription at me. I tried to tell him they stopped working and I’m in constant pain and he was of no help whatsoever. Seems to be the typical story with doctors these days. I decided to do my own research and realized I probably had a systemic yeast infection. Well yes I did it was everywhere!! I figured my terrible stress levels as well as horrible diet were to blame. Once I found out antibiotics were probably the hugest player in yeast overgrowth I was furious that my doctor had given me so many! I felt like he messed my body up more when all I wanted was answers! It’s hard for me to trust or have faith in our current medical system.

I went on anti Candida diets, spent crazy money on different supplements and I think it all temporarily helped but the symptoms never stayed away. Plus I’m obsessed with fruit and those Anticandida diets can be torturous to someone who is already starving for nutrients. I also worked in a very stressful busy restaurant and it was hard for me to work there with such low energy on such a restricted diet. I figured once I save up enough money to leave work for a while, I can buy myself the time I need to get better. So that’s what I did. I knew I was suffering from leaky gut, and I was having reactions to more foods than usual. I ate like an obese person because I was so hungry and I would LOSE weight and everything would come out of me!! Yeah sounds nice eat everything and lose weight but it was actually terrible. Constantly going to the washroom, always hungry, and always irritated and angry because duh! You are not absorbing nutrients and are literally constantly malnourished. No wonder I was always so crummy. I suffered with depression for years! What a waste of money all that food was; I would have probably been safer eating nothing!. So here’s where I link the problem to gluten and decide to get tested for celiac disease. I knew gluten was a problem for me, and I would always eliminate it along with other white starchy carbs on Anticandida diets. But once I added it back even just once every few weeks I would be sick all over again. Most foods mind you made me sick to some degree, by not like gluten. I tried to tell my doctor the problem is bread, it’s wheat! He would always formulate his own opinion and say he didn’t think that’s what it was. Umm, pretty sure I know my body better than him! So he sends me for a gallbladder test, another prescription that I ripped up and more frustration. I told the lady during the ultrasound that this was pointless it’s not my gallbladder and that my doctor doesn’t listen to me. She laughed and told me I’m lucky to be so skinny. Yeah, right.

I call the nurse and she tells me my results came back normal, just as I knew they would. So I go back to see the doctor and this time I say listen I just want to get the celiac test done I know it’s a food problem and I would like to rule it out if it’s not. He says fine, writes the test up, while still telling me he doubts this is the problem. Like are you kidding me? So what is the problem then sir? Oh wait, you must think it’s all in my head. It was a blood test to test for 4 different antibodies and the gene. He calls me 4 days later and comes in his office practically panicking saying okay you tested extremely high levels and we suspect you have celiac. Yeah I’ve suspected it for a while thanks for never listening to me. I go to the gastroenterologist, and they confirm.

So there it is, that’s my story of how I knew I had Celiac Disease and the diagnostic process. They say it takes an average of 10 years to diagnose Celiac, and that is a true but sad fact. I started having most serious health problems around 17, and at 27 years old, finally got my answer. Good luck to those suffering, beleive me I feel your pain and will do my best to help anyone who needs some guidance.