Leaky Gut


What is leaky gut?

Leaky gut, otherwise known as intestinal permeability, is what happens when particles that should be inside your intestines get leaked through into your bloodstream. This is where all sorts of problems can begin.

The gut wall(intestinal lining) can become damaged for a number of reasons. In cases such as celiac disease, gluten proteins poke holes in the intestinal wall, making it more permeable. Once this happens and gluten gets into the bloodstream, your body starts producing anti-bodies to fight the foreign gluten in the blood. The same thing can happen with bacteria, toxins and parasites. They can get into the blood where they should not be and cause inflammation in the body. Inflammation can manifest itself in many different ways, one being autoimmune disorders. Other than celiac disease, other autoimmune disorders include rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, psoriasis, depression, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, autism, chronic fatigue, migraines and more. Gluten is a huge cause of leaky gut and autoimmune conditions. Our food supply is creating foods our bodies can no longer recognize and we have not genetically adapted. No one is immune to the effects of today’s food and hazardous environment, so we must properly educate ourselves. When you can, buy organic, eat much less meat and when or if you do, make sure it is quality grass fed antibiotic hormone free meat. A whole, plant food based diet 80 percent of the time is ideal.

How do I heal leaky gut?

First and Foremost, you must cut out the irritants. Get rid of gluten and dairy immediately. Most people cannot digest either of these proteins(gluten and casein) and they wreak havoc on the digestive tract. Also, people with gluten sensitivity(which I believe affects everyone to some degree) have shorter villi in their intestines. Gluten has damaged the villi, which are responsible for nutrient absorption and creating enzymes to break down your food. The lactase enzyme, which is responsible for digesting lactose in dairy, is located at the tips of the villi. If your villi are damaged, which is a for sure thing in celiacs, and probably in most of the western population, then you don’t have the enzymes needed to break down dairy! Once you heal your leaky gut, you will most likely tolerate it once more. For people like myself with celiac disease, there will never be a return to gluten.

Other irritants to the gut, sorry to say you guys, is grains! Any type of grains whole grain, 12 grain, rice, potato, amaranth, millet, quinoa, corn, soy, etc. But aren’t those suppose to be healthy you ask? Well not exactly. Once your gut is healed, you can have grains in moderation, but they are known to be irritating to the gut and people with autoimmune disorders caused by gluten have to worry about cross reactivity. The gluten antibodies in someone with celiac disease, will also attack similar proteins that are for instance found in rice. This creates a reaction to rice as if it were gluten. If someone has leaky gut, then food particles are passing through the holes created in the intestines and causing reactions In the body. Unsprouted grains also contain anti-nutrients called phytates and lectins. These proteins are to protect the grain from outside invaders like mood and parasites. And it’s also protecting them from us as we can’t properly break down those proteins either. If you are going to eventually add grains back to your diet once healed, soaking and sprouting all grains is a good idea. You can suddenly be sensitive to many different foods all because of a leaky gut, so watch for reaction to eggs, tomatoes, avocados etc.
Fix leaky gut=not so many food sensitivities. Oh, I almost forgot, no sugar and nothing processed! Whole, clean eating! If it’s hard for your body to break down gluten imagine how hard it is to break down those 20 different chemicals on every packaged food? So clean out the garbage.

Secondly, get rid of any irritants living in the gut. I’m talking about yeast, microbes, parasites, etc. 90 percent of us have parasites and Candida issues but mainstream doctors don’t even acknowledge it as a problem. Not their fault, their medical schools taught them about pharmaceutics and symptoms of disease. Not about the true causes and cures of disease. So anyways you must cleanse!
Get on a parasite killing program. I’ve used one called ParaRid and then there’s also ParaGone. Just find one that has black walnut, wormwood and cloves. Mine has garlic as some other herbs as well but those are the main 3. To read all about parasites got http://humaworm.com
For Candida albicans, which is a fungus (yeast) you want to take different herbs as well. I like pau d’arco, coconut oil, oregano oil and garlic. There’s many different herbs people find useful for Candida, and remember you can’t kill it all and don’t want to. Candida is suppose to live in harmony was the good bacteria in our body but things happen and Candida is very opportunistic. If it has the chance to overthrow it will. The SAD contributes to yeast overgrowth as well as stress and antibiotics. This is why its important to cleanse. Some people believe all sugar feeds yeast and that is must be eliminated to starve the yeast out of the body. I don’t think this is necessary or practical. We need fruit. It is healing and it’s a shame processed sugar gives natural sugar a bad rep. Eat fruit. I cut it out for 2 weeks but then slowly added it back in and I’m not sure I needed to cut it out but maybe it helped who really knows. I just feel better when there’s fruit in my diet and things just move and work better. I had a lymph node under my chin swell and was painful to the touch when I out my finger on it. That was my second weak with no fruit. I felt very blocked and acidic. Added some tangerines and berries, and no lie swelling and pain completely gone! Fruit moves your lymph and don’t underestimate it’s healing powers.

What else should you eat? Bone broth! Lots of homemade bone broth! Make it yourself at home from grass fed, organic bones. The amino acids and minerals in the broth will help give your gut the nutrients it needs to heal. Don’t buy prepackaged bone broth, make it from scratch. Also eat fermented foods that are easy to make at home. Pickles, sauerkraut, kimchi, miso etc. I used to make a lot of homemade yogurt but as I don’t eat any dairy right now I’m not currently doing that. If you can tolerate it yogurt, and especially kefir are great sources of probiotics. Anything from a coconut is amazing! Cook with coconut oil and try some coconut kefir. It also has probiotics. Eat fresh fruits and veggies, leans meats and eggs(unless you suspect a sensitivity) nuts and seeds. Elimination diets are good because you can slowly add foods in one by one to see which ones give you trouble.

Okay there is also some supplements I like to take. Here they are:

L-glutamine– this amino acid is your intestines favourite food source! It will help your Intestines repair and reduce inflammation. I take 2 tablespoons in room temperature water few times a day on an empty stomach.

Digestive enzymes– I take these and hydrochloric acid to help break down my food as I’m unsure my body is producing its own enzymes while I have leaky gut. Hydrochloric acid helps increase stomach acid to also break down food and kill pathogens.

Slippery elm– this natural herb helps coat the intestinal lining with mucilage that protects it from irritants and helps it heal. It also helps with inflammation in the bowel.

Licorice root– this herb helps in slowing down the release of cortisol and balances your hormones. Many suffer adrenal fatigue as the immune responses in the body can be quite stressful and licorice root can help support the adrenal glands. I take this 3 times daily after meals.

Probiotics– I like to take probiotics after I’ve done some cleaning. So maybe wait a month to introduce them. Probiotics are the good bacteria your gut needs to keep the bad guys in check. Balance is the key here. Once you’ve had the right diet for about a month and you have reduced your yeast population and killed harmful parasites, start taking a high quality probiotics of at least 30 billion.

I also take a high quality krill fish oil supplement, b100, vitamin D and I use magnesium oil on my skin. It’s a process but leaky gut can and will be healed. Any questions just ask below and I will respond!