So guys, I am no longer vegan. I’m an Ex-Vegan. I’m going down in the books with every other non vegan who failed at veganism. Actually, I am a liar, I was never vegan because I still consumed honey. I was actually just doing a 2 week vegan […]


People with Celiac Disease also have something called Leaky Gut. 30% of people who have Celiac Disease carry the gene and about 5% will activate the gene that turns this on. If you did not first have leaky gut, you would not have turned on your celiac gene. […]

Both Celiac Disease and Gluten Intolerance are both very real issues. Cases of both have been on the rise for years and it is important to understand what both are and what they mean, but, does gluten allergy mean celiac disease, and how do you know if you […]


Is there a link between Glyphosate and Celiac Disease? There most certainly is. So what is Glyphosate(Roundup) anyways? Glyphosate is a herbicide used by Monsanto to kill weeds and grasses that compete with GMO crops. The wheat fields and the corn fields, etc are sprayed with glyphosate to […]


My celiac story So, I was officially diagnosed with celiac disease in January of 2016. I don’t know exactly when it began, but I can match certain events to the worst symptoms I experienced. Basically, I’ve been sick and stressed my whole life and always brushed things off […]


What is leaky gut? Leaky gut, otherwise known as intestinal permeability, is what happens when particles that should be inside your intestines get leaked through into your bloodstream. This is where all sorts of problems can begin. The gut wall(intestinal lining) can become damaged for a number of […]