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The other day, I was reading up on the benefits of fasting. I read an article that talked about how 3 days with no food and only water could reset the entire immune system by forcing the body to shed old white blood cells and create new ones. […]

The official definition of Parasite: An organism that lives in or on another organism(it’s host) and benefits by deriving nutrients at the host’s expense. Can humans be infected with parasites? Yes. Most of us are. We play host in this circumstance to both good bugs and bad bugs(parasites/pathogens) […]

So guys, I am no longer vegan. I’m an Ex-Vegan. I’m going down in the books with every other non vegan who failed at veganism. Actually, I am a liar, I was never vegan because I still consumed honey. I was actually just doing a 2 week vegan […]


People with Celiac Disease also have something called Leaky Gut. 30% of people who have Celiac Disease carry the gene and about 5% will activate the gene that turns this on. If you did not first have leaky gut, you would not have turned on your celiac gene. […]


These are my favourite pancakes to make. I make different variations of pancakes but Bob’s Red Mill gluten free all purpose baking flour tastes amazing and honestly I don’t see much difference from regular wheat pancakes! Sunday mornings I find are perfect making these ? Ingredients 1 cup […]


This salad is extremely refreshing for the summer and is absolutely delicious! I make it all the time and it is one of my favourite salad recipes. Some people, like myself, love fruit in my salad and others do not. Strawberries and mandarin oranges are optional in this […]