Best Gut Healing Supplements


People with Celiac Disease also have something called Leaky Gut. 30% of people who have Celiac Disease carry the gene and about 5% will activate the gene that turns this on. If you did not first have leaky gut, you would not have turned on your celiac gene.

What turns leaky gut on

Well a few things. Leaky gut is affected by bad gut bacteria, which all autoimmune disease are affected by, including allergies. Food alleriges may just mean you have a leaky gut and food is penetrating the intestines and escaping into the body(where it’s not meant to be) and causing a reaction. Years before I found out I had Celiac I had systemic yeast infections like crazy and hives and rashes everywhere. Scientists are still unsure which came first, the chicken or the egg. Did the bacteria come first and then autoimmune disease? Or did the autoimmune response turn on and then cause the bacteria to proliferate? Regardless of which came first, there are ways to help seal the intestinal lining back up and repair the damage that has been done. Gluten, processed sugar and GMO foods have been known to irritate the gut lining. This makes me ponder something else. Is gluten the true problem, or are GMO pesticides the problem? I have written an article on the effects of the GMO herbicide Glyphosate Here

You can read a different article I wrote about Leaky gut Here

This is a great diagram from Dr. Axe showing what happens when you have leaky gut.



My very favorite supplement that I have found works the best to heal the intestinal lining is L- Glutamine. This has worked amazingly well for me and it is pretty cheap. I get mine from Walmart for the low price of 12 dollars. Depending on how much I use it can last for a few months. When I was first healing I took 2 teaspoons(4.5g) a day three times a day. Or sometimes I would do 3 teaspoons in the morning and 3 at night, so 6 teaspoons total either way. Even after going gluten free I would still have indigestion and diarrhea at times and anytime I loaded up on this supplement everything would go back to normal the next day. Some people have adverse effects with glutamine, such as headaches or problems sleeping. Others say it can cause constipation. I have never experienced any of these problems and have just found it to be so helpful. I do not take as much anymore I maybe did that for 1 or 2 months than lowered down. Now I just take 1 tsp in the morning and one at night if I can remember. Leaky gut isn’t much of a problem anymore so half the time I forget to even take it. Another thing I came across in my research was that cabbage juice helped to heal ulcers and ulcerative colitis. When I looked into the science behind why it works so well(it really does too) I realized it produces glutamine, the supplement you can also buy separately. I love juicing cabbage, celery, carrot and apple in the morning and you feel amazing. Juicing alone has huge health benefits and there are different juice cures for different ailments.

Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe vera gel can be very helpful as well. You know how when you get a cut and you put aloe vera on the cut to help it heal? Well when aloe vera moves through your digestive tract it helps to heal any tissue that needs fixing as well. I noticed this helped to solve my issue with tomatoes. I would also get acid reflux when I would eat tomatoes or tomato sauce and if I took 2 tablespoons of aloe vera beforehand I wouldn’t get any pain. It really does work well and I just used it until one small bottle was done and then kept up with jucing/glutamine everyday.

Slippery Elm

Slippery Elm is a herbal supplement that has mucus like properties to help soothe the gut lining. It acts more like an anti-inflammatory and is often used in conjunction with licorice root and marshmellow root. I used it with licorice.


This is another extremely important supplement. I believe out of all supplements one should take everyday, probiotics should be one of them. After rounds of antibiotics and a high processed food diet, we may not have many of our “good” gut bacteria left in place. Factory farmed animals also contain antibioitcs and hormones which further disrupt the balance. These good bacteria are our defense system against pathogens and help to keep the body working efficiently. I take a high dose probiotic with at least 10 billion strains. Currently mine is 50 billion, but I may decrease after a while. I do not believe I will ever be without probiotics as I found these to be a key player, along with glutamine, in helping repair leaky gut. You need to put the good guys back along the sealed gut lining, as bad bacteria played a large role in eating away at the lining to begin with.

One thing I must also mention, is that it is very hard to heal leaky gut if you are under constant stress! This may be the hardest part of all, but the most important. We all need to learn how to better manage our stress and control our stress levels. Every time we get stressed out our body produces the hormone cortisol. Cortisol eats away at the intestinal barrier, so keep that in mind. Anything to help control you stress levels will benefit your whole life, such as yoga, meditation, breathing activities, exercise, journaling, ect. Take a hot bubble bath or read a good book but do not allow yourself to be in constant fight or flight mode.

Also, many times you may want to do a Candida Cleanse, along with a parasite cleans to clear any fungal or parasitic infections in the gut. I used Pau D’aro for clearing candida as well as cooked with lots of coconut oil and garlic. I did a 2 week parasite cleans called ParaGone and I believe that should be used every few months as we are constantly in contact with parasites.

Any questions you want me to specifically answer, I’d be glad to!

Sara Kay