Hey Everyone!

Nice to meet you, I’m Sara 🙂 I’ve created this website after being diagnosed with Celiac Disease. The internet has been a huge resource for me in learning about the disease and what kind of foods I can eat. I am fascinated with learning and understanding the human body. For the duration of my life I have suffered from asthma, allergies, respiratory infections, migraines, anxiety, depression, indigestion, hormone problems, skin issues and more! I was always trying to figure out what was “wrong” with me because I knew my body was always in a state of unbalance. I was never well, always tired and started losing interest in life.


One thing that always made me feel better was exercise. I realized at a young age that going for runs would help me relieve my stress. I started feeling better the older I got in terms of working out and eating better, but other problems were emerging that didn’t make sense. Then at some point it just got worse, terribly worse. I all of a sudden started getting horrible stomach problems and non stop infections in my entire body. You can read more about finding out I had Celiac Disease in the post My Celiac Story.

While your here I hope you check out all my different recipes and read some of the articles I have written about the human microbiome and the effects of GMO’s on our health. I hope to inspire people to also take a more holistic approach to health and fitness, and provide useful and relevant information for whoever wishes to educate themselves some more. Either way, I hope we can learn from each other and encourage people to share their stories of healing and recovery! We are all on a journey to better health and by sharing my story hope I can help others to achieve better health as well.