My 3 Day Juice Fast

The other day, I was reading up on the benefits of fasting. I read an article that talked about how 3 days with no food and only water could reset the entire immune system by forcing the body to shed old white blood cells and create new ones. After 3 days you have a brand new set of defense cells working for you. That makes sense to me, your old cells are tired and worn out and new ones would just work better.

I have done 24 hour water fasts, but never longer than that. I thought hmmm, I could probably do a 3 day juice fast and see pretty similar results. I have always wanted to go on a juice fast as I truly believe in the healing powers of juicing. I used to juice cabbage juice to heal some ulcers and stomach problems I had and it worked beautifully. I want to start regularly adding juicing into my diet. Every morning, a juice would wake anyone right up! They make you feel so refreshed and energized, they really do!

It is still our first week in Toronto. Still settling in, getting familiar with the area. Next week I am going to start looking for work so I figured this is the best time for me to do a quick fast to start everything fresh. When I was walking around the other day, I noticed a few local juice bars. How great I thought, I can always just stop and grab a juice for a quick boost instead of a coffee without the hassle of having to make it all. They are quite expensive though, the large ones are $10 each. They are made their fresh daily but unfortunately I didn’t see any with cabbage juice when I went in there today. Today is Wednesday, so I will do Thursday and Friday as well but this time I will make my own juices. But today I bought these 3 juices purely out of curiousity and convenience. I got some pretty interesting ones. The following 2 days of the fast I will make juices from cabbage, carrot, apple and celery! It is currently 12:09 and I am on my first juice, “The Healer”. It is made with oregano, fennel, ginger, cucumber, fresh mint and pineapple. I like the taste, but it burns my throat a bit. This is a good thing though as I have been feeling like I am getting sick and all the goodies in this juice are definetly healers. I will post an update later on when I am on my next juice. So far I feel pretty good, not hungry at all yet and generally feel pretty good about the whole thing.