10 Natural Home Remedies to Cure Cancer

First and foremost, I will say this, I am not a doctor. But let me tell you one thing about doctors, they can only treat the symptoms of disease and do not address the cause. Many diseases are reversible through lifestyle and diet. Most doctors would probably agree that lifestyle is a part of it, but they are not legally allowed to tell you something found in your cupboard can help reverse your cancer. They like to tell you your problem is “genetic”. They are also in business with BIG PHARMA and it is a lovely business model that makes them lots of money. Keep people sick, keep raking in the dough. Let me ask you a question. Is the cancer industry winning the war on cancer? No. At the beginning of the last century, 1 in 20 people would get cancer. Still way too high but today, it’s 1 in 3. What are they doing to us?! I have many opinions about western medicine, and the horrible effects its had on my own health. I figured out my health problems on my own and solved my health problems on my own, as well as my families. Let me be clear- Cancer cannot live in an alkaline environment! Your stress levels also affect cancer and really it thrives when you are not physically, emotionally and spiritually well. Yes WELL-BEING will save you from cancer.

Today we have a wealth of information right under our nose. Thanks to the internet, we can now research on our own without having to take medical advice from the doctors. I am not saying doctors do not mean well and are of no use, but they have been educated to write prescriptions and “patch up” symptoms. When we understand the root cause of illness, we can begin to be our own doctors. No one knows your body and loves your body more than you. Oh and don’t trust the bullshit the media feeds you. They all work together in one big scheme.

And when you trust your television
What you get is what you got
Cause when they own the information
Oh, they can bend it all they want
John Mayer: “Waiting on the World to Change”

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So now that I have said that, here are 10 natural home remedies to help cure cancer.

1. Carrot Juice

Yes, Carrot Juice! There have been many testimonials you can find if you search for people who have cured their cancer using just carrot juice alone. There are a few reasons for this. First off carrots contain an anti-oxidant called Falcarinol that has proven anticancer properties. Carrot juice consumption also increase the levels of carotenoids in the blood. Human studies were done on women with breast cancer and greatly increased there blood levels using carrot juice. Dr. Max Gerson stated the carrot juice is almost molecularly identical to human blood. Pretty cool. Another good source that I will link to at the bottom of this page states that carrots contain oxalic acid. If you understand the cancer is really cause by microbes, not DNA damage in cancer cells like mainstream medicine will have you believe you will understand this concept and a few of the others I will mention. The sugar content in carrots help to attract the microbe(cancer) and the oxalic acid will kill it! Don’t be scared of sugar(unless it processed, refined sugar. Fruit is your friend)

2. Baking Soda and Maple syrup

I bet everyone has some baking soda at home. And if you don’t have maple syrup, just head over to the grocery store. Make sure it is pure 100% natural maple syrup(no aunt jemima sorry). This acts in the same way, as a “trojan horse”(I’m Greek so I love this analogy hehe)just like the carrot juice. Attract the microbe from the sweet maple syrup and kill it with the baking soda. There are many testimonials on the powers of baking soda killing cancer. For years I have been reading about this from alternative doctors and scientists/microbiologists. It is difficult to bring anything to the attention of the “Cancer Industry” because they don’t want people curing cancer! And if you do, you go to jail or are killed! Believe me, they know cancers not as horrible as they make it seem and that there are many ways to get rid of it. But what would happen to their business model? It sure is a money maker at a 126. 4 billion dollar industry. Take that in for a second and REALLY think. This baking soda cure is one of the best!

3. Ginger tea with honey

I drink this drink all day long. There are a few ways you can do this. Again honey will atrract microbes and ginger will help to kill it. You do not need to use honey, you could use agave syrup, maple syrup or black strap molasses. The whole manipulate the microbe into its destruction works very well. A cancer cell is really just a healthy cell that has been taking hostage by a microbe(parasite). Eliminate parasites=eliminate cancer! Tumeric and Curcumin also help to kill the microbes so sometimes I add these herbs to this tea as well. Powerful drink and I think I’m addicted. (okay we won’t use the word addicted, my body craves it now on its own because it is SO good for you!) You can make a paste as well. Honey with tumeric, honey with ginger, honey with cinnamon. I used to make a paste of honey and garlic to kill strep throat everytime I would see it forming near my tonsils. I would take the paste everyday all day if I saw I had it, and the next day it would be gone! Miraculus. No more antibiotics for me ever. (They are just a disaster, only use if its an extreme emergency and necessary)

4. Asparagus

I love my asparagus that’s for sure. I loved it before I realized how good it was for you. The reason asparagus can help fight cancer is because it is extremely alkaline. Remember, cancer cannot live in an alkaline state in your body. Make an inhospitale environment for the microbes, and they will leave. If you are using multiple approaches to cure cancer it is best to not use certain ones together. The baking soda remedy for instance is also extremely alkaline, as is asparagus. There is actually a state of too much alkalinity in the body that you also want to avoid, so use them on opposite days.

5. Immune System Supplement – Beta Glucan

An extremely important part of an cancer or disease protocol is supporting your immune system. Cancer spreads when immunity is low. Your healthy gut bacteria is pretty much your immune system in a nut shell. Many people are beginning to understand the role of a healthy gut. Hippocrates once said “All disease begins in the gut” and he was right. If we look to the past for help, we can see we knew many of the answers back then. Science has come a long way no doubt, and miraculous discoveries have been found. But we have lost a lot of basic principles and common knowledge, due to the greed of corporations and large companies. Please understand this and do your own research. Beta glucan is an immune system supplement. Take 2 in the morning, first thing when you wake up.

6. Aloe Arborescens

Another Trojan horse remedy. You use this alongside honey to get the microbes. Honey is also antibacterial on its own.(not processed honey, RAW honey, manuka honey is the best but pretty expenive, raw works fine) The aloe is very good at killing these critters. A Catholic priest in Brazil designed this remedy. Other countires are very good at keeping cancer under control, because of these natural remedies. Western society is lost. Well actually, deceived. Anyways. This treatment has been used to treat AIDS and thousands have been cured of cancer using this treatment alone.

7. Phytoplankon- Super Nutrient

This powerful substance from the ocean is the most nutrient dense of all the “super foods” out there. It contains 5 billion cells of identical energy that feed your mitochondria! If ingested on a daily basis, it will increase the residual energy in your body significantly. There were 4 species of phytoplankon known to be safe for human consumption, and one was super beneficial for human consumption, and that was the one that was produced.

8. 6 lemons a day

For people who want to make sure they never get cancer, lemons are great. The 6 lemons a day are for people who DO have cancer, and they should follow a very strict natural remedy regimen. You can find the the whole procedure for the Dirt Cheap Protocol HERE You can freeze lemons so they do not go bad too quickly and take 6 a day and grate them. Eat them one or two at a time. For preventing cancer, you do not need to be this extreme. There is lots of testimonials to this protocol and a clinic in Mexico uses it as their main protocol. Lemons are also thought to be killing microbes.

9. Stevia

Really? This natural sweetener? Yup! You can add 6-8 teaspoons of stevia to a gallon of water to make “Stevia Water”. You can drink the gallon of water 2-3 times a week or once a week. This is one of those “highly alkaline” protocols and should be taken on opposite days as other extremely alkaline substances, like the baking soda or asparagus. The stevia water is pretty strong, so drink it slowly. You can make some healthy lemonade by adding some lemon to it. It’s actually really good! Many people report feeling much better the more stevia they consume.

10. Liver Flush

I saved the best for last. This is one of the most important remedies to use! You should do a liver flush before you do any other treatment. I cannot stress this enough. This will help you to get rid of the microbes/parasites in your organs. The microbes weaken the healthy cells by stealing the glucose headed to them. This is turn cause your immune system to malfunction and cause cancer to take over. The immune system is the good bacteria. When the good bacteria cannot get food because of the parasites, they lose their strength in the fight against the invaders. Once the microbes are eliminated, the organs can regenerate themselves and the immune system can return to optimal function. The body can clean up cancer itself in this state. There are high frequency machines which are quite expensive that can help with a liver flush, or you can use a generic liver flush which is super easy to do. Go to my post about How To Do a Liver Flush to read the instructions as well as my experiences with them. They are great and you will release LOTS of things from your body by doing this. People on the internet like to say it is quackery, it most certainly isn’t. I have done them myself with amazing results.

Okay so there you have it! This is just a small article on some vitally important information for the public. Please goto The Cancer Tutor to learn about even more natural remedies to cure cancer. If you currently HAVE cancer, you must go read this website. Read up on The Dirt Cheap Protocol where they explain these 10 remedies plus more! How to exactly use them and all the information you need about the true CAUSES and CURES for cancer. The world is finally waking up and you must too. Don’t suffer needlessly at the hands of the powers that be. Take back your health, your life and your future.

Sara Kay